Glenn Miller – Pennsylvania 6-5000 (1940)

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“Pennsylvania 6-5000”  is a 1940 swing jazz and pop standard with music by Jerry Gray and lyrics by Carl Sigman.  It was recorded by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra as an RCA Victor Bluebird 78 rpm single. According to a TV-interview with John Best, he originally improvised the famous trumpet-solo on the Glenn Miller recording of PEnnsylvania 6-5000, and it is widely emulated ever since, on that tune (Wikipedia).


bob thebuilder says:

Played this at my dads funeral…..class

Giuliano Acquaviva says:

The man in the picture is James Stewart

VinylJunkie776 says:

A line by Rimmer on Red Dwarf brought me here, who else?! 😀

Reitstiefelfan1 says:

What a gread music wonderful

Diego Vás02 says:

Las Grandes Orquestas fueron la música popular en todo el mundo desde 1930 hasta 1960.

Paco Garcia says:

Mi amor a Dios me trajo aquí. Qué buena música.

My Name Is Luuke says:

American Dad anyone?

Verónica Jiménez says:

dedico esta melodía a mi papá, aunque sé que él puede escuchar toda la música que quiera, allá, donde ahora se encuentra.

Nathalie Rogmans says:

Reminds me of Leland Palmer! <3

Bumface Farto says:

tally ho red leader

victor manuel barbera reyes says:

la musica de mi padre de verdad hermosa y llena de recuerdos.

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