Gil Evans – Little Wing

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“Little Wing” (Jimi Hendrix).

Gil Evans – piano, electric piano, arranger, conductor
Lew Soloff, Shunzo O’no, Miles Evans – trumpet
Dave Bargeron – trombone
Dave Taylor – bass trombone
John Clark – French horn, hornette
Chris Hunter – alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
Bill Evans – tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
Hamiet Bluiett – baritone saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Hiram Bullock – guitar
Pete Levin, Gil Goldstein – keyboards
Mark Egan – electric bass
Danny Gottlieb – drums


Udo Matthias says:

like it so much!! 🙂

Danial Decker says:

Holy shit… impressive… impressive post, too.

Arthur Craig says:

Beautiful such a great musician and composer. !!!!

Oded Fried-Gaon says:


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Daniel Martine says:

Used to catch Gil every Monday night at Sweet Basil's. You never knew who was going to stop by to sit in. Gil was a gas to talk to. Loved the way the band would start every gig. Blowing weird notes, tuning up, monkeying around. Then Gil raised his hand and they'd kick off the set with a smooth segue. Coolness…

Gerard Gioia says:

I asked Gil one night after a gig in the Village with his massive orchestra how Jimi Hendrix's passing affected him. He looked at me with deeply sadden eyes and said only one word,"Devastated".

ariel insua says:


Lasha Paco says:

Dzalianmagaria. dzalian

Bea's Cyber Cafe says:

Gil Evans – Little Wing

raspalo says:

Amazing! I never hear this version before…

jlucguitar says:

VERSION MODERNE  by Gil Evans   
Un Monsieur  de l'arrangement     

Denis Lagarde says:


Luis Restuccia says:

Please, anyone knows who are the players here?

Giuseppe Bottacin says:

Great performance! Anyone knows the players of this concert?

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