Frank Zappa – Hot Rats

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Hot Rats is the second solo album by Frank Zappa, released in October 1969. In his original sleeve notes, Zappa described the album as “a movie for your ears”.

Track listing:
1. “Peaches en Regalia” 3:37
2. “Willie the Pimp” 9:16
3. “Son of Mr. Green Genes” 8:58
4. “Little Umbrellas” 3:04
5. “The Gumbo Variations” 16:55
6. “It Must Be a Camel” 5:15
Total length: 47:05

Frank Zappa – guitar, octave bass, percussion
Ian Underwood – piano, organus maximus, flute, all clarinets, all saxes

Also featuring:
Captain Beefheart – vocals on “Willie the Pimp”
Max Bennett – bass on all tracks except “Peaches en Regalia”
Shuggie Otis – bass on “Peaches en Regalia”
John Guerin – drums on “Willie the Pimp”, “Little Umbrellas” and “It Must Be a Camel”
Paul Humphrey – drums on “Son of Mr. Green Genes” and “The Gumbo Variations”
Ron Selico – drums on “Peaches en Regalia”
Don “Sugarcane” Harris – violin on “Willie the Pimp” and “The Gumbo Variations”
Jean-Luc Ponty – violin on “It Must Be a Camel”
Lowell George – rhythm guitar (uncredited)


Released: October 10, 1969
Recorded: July 18 – August 30, 1969
T.T.G., Los Angeles
Sunset Sound, Los Angeles
Whitney Studios, Glendale using 16-track
Length: 43:11
Label: Bizarre/Reprise
Producer: Frank Zappa