Frank Sinatra – You Make Me Feel So Young

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Frank Sinatra – You Make Me Feel So Young (Live At Royal Festival Hall , 1962)


Maegan Wilson says:

This is way better than any pop music from today

Girl I'm Shook says:

Ahhhh ily!!!!!!

Fanny Arriaga says:

Adorable Señor encantador, su voz es hermosa de verdad, Frank Sinatra te adoro

rena kemala says:

you make me feel so precious at my age now thanks sinatra

Sunil Sagar says:

Beautiful…..Frank Sinatra….beautiful

psycho beauty1003 says:

Wish he was still alive so I could see him live

Huy Lê says:

I think I was born in the wrong era

n4m8o says:

fuck today's music this is the shit

Theo pask says:

>insert comment mocking current generation comments<

Michael Jordan says:

Except Sinatra

Michael Jordan says:

Your all idiots

MsKayfrank says:

Fantastic, I was at this concert.

Frankie Marks says:

98 people don't know music.

Jedislayer says:

DAMN Music went full retard since this golden age of music Frank Sinatra is a legend.

two boot's a tour says:

a family a Marine

Mafiozo Play says:

R.I.P mister Sinatra. We love you. Your fans from 2017

Justin Oertel says:

I always think about "The Elf" when I listen to this song!!

Dith Concepcion says:

sad happy amazing

zmankiller11 says:

I love this song so much. I've been singing it for a while truly great artist

Julia Guereca says:

at least this generation has brendon urie

Georgie Thumbs says:

Greatest singer that ever lived, hands down. Nobody even comes a million miles near Sinatra

yelena gonzalez says:

love it sinatra for ever

James Lancaster says:

Ok if you like this music great, but keep in mind music is a subjective art form and people have a right to their own opinion. There is no need for us to constantly fight over which music is "better" we all enjoy different styles and artists and thats just the way it is.

MT40 Q says:

Love all the people shitting on this generation , your grand parents said the same,
I'm 18 and I enjoy listening to his music and the new music aswell, keep an open mind ladies and gents 😉

Dan Stevens says:

Every generation mocks and ridicules the next generation on everything… sports, music, movies, and so on. If you want to cling to the past, go for it. But it's true and universal…. today's music DOES indeed suck. lol

Vishnu Prasad says:

seems incomplete without his hat.

Mo Yasso says:

wtf happened to music?

Little Panic Attacks says:

I love Frank his music sound exactly the way it does recored and lots of artist these days love performance are terrible. I wish he was still here spreading joy with his music.

MissCroft09 says:

Listen to him since I was 11 back in 2001. His music is the love of my life!

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