Frank Sinatra and Dinah Shore (Classic Duets)

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Medley: You Make Me Feel So Young/Them There Eyes/A Foggy Day/I’ve Got You Under My Skin/Taking a Chance on Love/They Can’t Take That Away From Me/All Of Me/Daddy/I Can’t Give You Anything But Love/You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby

Frank Sinatra and Dinah Shore – vocals



James Zeruk Jr. says:

The transition to color…OMG…PERFECT! THANK YOU! <3

Clyde Barrow says:

Smoking no no. Dinah so alive and beautiful.

Federico Christian says:

0:40 Frank show how gross he is.

Meesha Veazey says:

I honestly want to start performing this music. It needs to come back alive. We need more performers in just Michael Buble in this genre nowadays.

ciroalb3 says:

this is what television used to be

William Henry says:

It's funny how class and classic can seem so close, wish I could time travel. Don't know if I would come back to this time. With all the drugs , hate, government waste, government rules and regulations, imorals and mean people. No I'm sure I wouldn't come back to this time

danjf1 says:

both singers have great chemistry together, and they have some of the best singing voices ever…all these years later and Ol blue eyes is still selling "records" to each new generation

Baobab Bonsai says:

I will never understand why people like Frank Sinatra, I personally only like his song Love and Marriage.

Giedrius Grudzinskas says:

that is soon good,:)people need to know them wibes,daamm

Manuel Ramirez Sanchez says:

Amigo, por más que lo intentó, no logró asemejarte con nadie ….en el planeta….fuisteis y eres único…..un Genio.
Aya donde estés recibe un fortísimo abrazo de tu amigo.

MonkeyBusine55 says:

So pure..making me feel as if I was actually there. As they laughed, so did I.

SandraMaraCarvalhode Melo says:

Bonne nuit Fernando Figueiredo celebrer 100 year Frank Sinatra magnifique doux rever au revoir

Mac Millard says:

Proper singers

Mallory Lopez says:

His voice is so beautiful 🙂

Butterherz says:

haha Awesome! 🙂

Janice Caine says:

Brilliant Sinatra xx

Clayton Peak says:

100 % pure class!

berger meister says:

this duet from the '60's makes me smile.

spicey66 says:

Dinah is definitely NOT aroused by "old blue eyes" as Jonathan Bornstein suggest! Dinah shore was just full of personality.

Stu Art. says:

Suddenly, there was more color in their voices… amazing!

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