Eva Cassidy – Autumn Leaves

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“Autumn Leaves” (Joseph Cosma)

Restored footage of Eva Cassidy performing Autumn Leaves. The performance took place at the Blues Alley jazz supper club in Georgetown, DC, on the 3rd January 1996.

Recorded by Bryan McCulley on 3 January 1996.


Sari Eskuri-Hellman says:

She sings with real feeling!

Marc Lee says:

The songs Eva Cassidy left us with transcend all. And as flawless, expressive, honest and riveting as her voice was, her guitar skills were an equal match. What a wonderful gift she shared with us.

Ayana Anon says:

Beautiful touching rendition by the lovely – Eva Cassidy

multiverse specimen says:

Such an aesthetic voice that you don't need much of set up…Spellbinding vocals.

mike x says:

loves  this

mach smith says:

lovely voice!

Troy Braganza says:

Just WANT to say " hi " ?

kayincat says:

382 dislikes? From the cult of autotunes?

Jean-Pierre HAMMON says:

I'm french, wow great version of "Les feuilles mortes", Rest In Peace Eva, God bless you…<3

Sa Tü says:

Eva Cassidy, you're such a awesome Wowan! May god bless you! Every song you sing is such a magic and always makes me wanna cry because it's so beautiful!

PlumbPitiful says:

Here because of Ms. Mojo Top Ten Hauntingly Beautiful Songs list 6-22-2017

Tuija Sinisalo says:

what an amazing song……love

Garth Hope says:

Pity – didn't recognise the tune at all. This pointless modern-day vocal improvisation murders a lot of songs, I think. A great shame because this girl potentially has talent.

Judy S. says:

The melancholy I feel, of a future when I remember again a walk in the Woods with someone no longer with me, though still with me at this time. I loss I have most yet suffered but likely will.

Barry Etherton says:

Who ever took that vidio of Eva. Thank you. She was amazing person.

pakachakawaka says:

does anyone else think that anything else other than this woman's incredible voice and her accompanying guitar just ruins the song? this is the first time I hear this song ever in my life and throughout the first minute I was thinking "please no drums, please no electric guitars, or saxophones or drums or other vocals" and then comes in a really bad piano bridge and then I thought "UUUUUUUGHGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH".

Rich Stettenbenz says:

Always A Tender Bittersweet Song Of Regret……..This Rendition Absolutely Captures It.

Vicky G. says:

Damn it, where are those tissues?

Luc Cournoyer says:

Intériorisant! Quel talent! Merci Eva!

Lisa Ram says:

Took my breath away

Hugh MacKinnon says:

best version ever! And, amazingly, it is a live one at that. Eva touched all of our hearts and souls!!

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