David Murray Quartet – A Sanctuary Within (Full Album)

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A Sanctuary Within is an album by David Murray released on the Italian Black Saint label in 1992. It features performances by Murray, Sunny Murray, Kahil El’Zabar and Tony Overwater.

“A SANCTUARY WITHIN packs some surprises. For one, hearing David Murray work with the master free jazz drummer Sunny Murray in the context of relatively traditional jazz turns out to be an absolute delight. The exotic textures added by Kahil El’ Zabar are also new to Murray’s canon, although Zabar’s playing of the ashiko and earth drum are incorporated seamlessly into the compositions.

A SANCTUARY WITHIN, like much of Murray’s work from this period, defies categorization. It combines traditional and modern elements of jazz and adds a healthy dose of African rhythms to the mix. Murray himself would argue that categorizing jazz only serves to damage the art form. One is tempted to agree with him when he suggests simply calling it music, and leaving it at that.” (AllMusic).

Track listing:
“Short and Sweet” (David Murray) – 6:37
“Mountain Song” (Tony Overwater) – 6:21
“Return of the Lost Tribe” (Kahil El’Zabar) – 10:16
“Waltz to Heaven” (David Murray) – 5:33
“A Sanctuary Within, Pt. 1” [Duo] (David Murray) – 6:08
“A Sanctuary Within, Pt. 2” [Quartet] (David Murray) – 9:00
“Most of All” (David Murray) – 8:54
“Song for New South Africa” (David Murray) – 7:13
“Ballad for the Black Man” (David Murray) – 10:40

David Murray — tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Tony Overwater — bass
Sunny Murray — drums
Kahil El’Zabar — percussion, sanza, vocals


Released: 1992
Recorded: December 13 & 14, 1991
Length: 70:42
Label: Black Saint
Producer: Giovanni Bonandrini