Count Basie – Topsy

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“Count Basie – Topsy” (Edgar Battle , Eddie Durham).

Count Basie Orchestra.


Random Username says:

Awesome, last

cristixyz says:

yea boiiiiiiiiiiii Tom and Jerry!

Stefano Summo says:

Came here from Fargo! Awesome song

StringcraftGaming says:

Just found out this is where Parov Stelar got the main piano line for "Joesphine" from.

stlyrface says:

Toots awesome.

Denny Ventura says:

Awesome, bananas

crad renshaw says:

when I was listening to Basie a lot as a kid, this was probably my favorite out of all of them. This was his best period, late 30s – early 40s. He was licking Ellington at that time.

Ex Falso says:

Awesome, orgasm.

mathal13 says:

Awesome, carrot.

Gattinzilla says:

Awesome, potato.

Jourdan Robinson says:

Awesome, third.

Porkboy Bob says:

Awesome, second

billy mcpopemfresh says:

Awesome, first

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