Chico Hamilton – Conquistadores (The Conquerors)

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from “El Chico” (1966), Impulse.

Chico Hamilton – drums ;
Sadao Watanabe – alto saxophone, flute ;
Gabor Szabo – guitar ;
Al Stinson – bass ;
Victor Pantoja, Willie Bobo – Latin percussion.

Written by Chico Hamilton, Willie Bobo, Gabor Szabo, Bob Thiele, Al Stinson.
Recorded August 27, 1965, New York City.
Engineered by Bob Simpson.
Produced by Bob Thiele.


Rami Sabbah says:

ok wow, dig deep enough, you start with George Clooney and end up with El Chico

Reeree6947 says:

This is mean! It remains my favorite by him. I'm glad I was able to see Chico in person at an intimate Jazz club decades ago. It was interesting to find out last year that his brother was actor Bernie Hamilton. May they both R.I.P.

madamitsa75 says:

!!❂ Wonderful ❂!!

jaiy ali reese says:

chico always gets my blood circulating at ?!? mph…

Lord Ueno says:

Back in 1966, my friends and I had discovered herbal pleasures. We bought the 8-Track tape "Conquistadores" and would cruise through the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains and listen to this particular song over and over. It took us on such a beautiful trip on our way to go surfing. The combination of Chico's amazing percussion and Gabor Szabo's mystical guitar made of think of tropical places and the fun that was soon to come at Malibu. Foxy girls and perfect waves. What an era !!

mizpahboy says:

Back in the day if you didn't have this LP in your collection…you were not cool baby

mrfreezeak says:

I loved this cut since 1965. Great drums, guitar, and bass.

Jim Neely says:

It was the late sixties in a small club in San Diego when Chico Hamilton walks on stage
sits down behind his drums and turns on the electricity so to speak… I'll never forget the
non stop energy the man had… what a very special night we all had!!!! Amazing Power…
Amazing Talent. Thank You Chico Hamilton for that evening!

LoveAmoMusic says:

4:30 and beyond just when you think ahhhh zucar!!!

E Lin says:

Walking in New York in 1964 when I was 17, my parents and I walked past Birdland where he was playing. I talked them into going in. It was remarkable, his quartet was playing as was Art Farmer. No cover, no crowd, just fantastic music.

Jerry Kessler says:

I met Mr. Hamilton during the mid '80's. I did business with in in NYC, NY. Unfortunately, I heard of his passing. A great composer

TheFippler says:

That was supposed to be THANK YOU Brother John.

TheFippler says:

WOW! does this bring back some superfine memories of New Paltz in the mid-sixties. This was on the jukebox of THE hippest bar in town–actually, just outside of town, beyond the northern light, on your right as you headed toward the Thruway. This is, indeed, the best version I have heard on The YOUTUBES> Than you Brother John.

Guillermo SweetStuff* says:

"1966" … El Chico

Wagner Clementino says:

Nice guitars from Szabo, best fidelity rip that i found on you tube (very great dynamics)!!!!!!! (edited to say THANK YOU)

Basheer Muhammad says:

El Chico talks to the music…

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