“Igor’s Dream” from the album “Pure Emotion”, 1995 Chico O’Farrill & His Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra. Personnel: Chico O’Farrill (conductor); Arturo O’Farrill, Jr. (piano); Mario Rivera, Bob Franceschini, Lenny Hambro, Rolando Briceno, Pablo Calogero, Gerald Chamberlain, [More]
Album: “Crossroads”, 1994 Personnel: Jerry Gonzalez – trumpet, flugerhorn, congas John Stubblefield – tenor saxophone Joe Ford – alto saxophone, soprano saxophone Larry Willis – piano Andy González – bass Steve Berrios – drums, percussions
Album: 944 Columbus , April 27, 1993 & April 28, 1993 Zambia, track 2 Composed by Mario Bauzá Arranged by Marcus Persiani Solos: Enrique Fernandez – flute Manny Durán – flugelhorn
Personnel: Ray Barretto – congas Ralph Irizarry – timbales Luis Gonzalez – bongos Oscar Hernandez – piano Joe Santiago – bass Eddie Temporal – maracas Angel Fernandez, Ray Gonzalez , Charles Hernandez – trumpet Joe [More]
Arturo O’Farrill and the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra perform the world premiere of “The Offense of the Drum” composed by Arturo O’Farrill, at Red Rooster in Harlem 6/19/12. Guest Artists: Ben Barson – baritone saxophone [More]
Personnel: Paquito D’Rivera – alto saxophone, clarinet Fabio Torres – piano Paulo Paulelli – contrabass Edu Ribeiro – drums
“Chucho’s Steps” – track#8 from the album “Chucho’s Steps”. “Chucho’s Steps” is an album released by jazz pianist Chucho Valdés and his band, the Afro-Cuban Messengers. The album was released in 2010 by Four Quarters Entertainment [More]
Track 5 from the album “¡Ritmo!” (Winner of the 2013 Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Album) Clare Fischer – bandleader
“Tres Palabras” (Osvaldo Farrés) from the album “Juntos Para Siempre”. Juntos Para Siempre (“Together Forever”) is the title of a studio album released by the Cuban jazz performers Bebo Valdés and Chucho Valdés on November [More]
Song taken from the album “Avísale a mi contrario que aquí estoy yo” by Jerry González y Los Comandos de la Clave. Jerry González – trumpet