Carmell Jones – Carmell Jones In Europe (Full Album)

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Track listing:

1. Carmell’s Black Forest Waltz 0:00
2. Jumpin’ at the Woodside 3:40
3. That Kaycee Thing 10:07
4. B’s Blues 17:52
5. The Hip Walk 22:47
6. Twisted 29:37


Group heard on The Hip Walk; That Kay Cee Thing; B’s Blues; Carmell’s Black Forest Waltz:

Carmell Jones (tp)
Nathan Davis (ts, ss, fl)
Francy Boland (p)
Jimmy Woode (b)
Kenny Clarke (d)

Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer Studio, Villingen, West Germany, September 1, 1965

Group heard on Jumpin’ At The Woodside; Twisted:

Carmell Jones (tp)
Pony Poindexter (ss, as, vo)
Leo Wright (as, fl)
Fritz Pauer (p)
Andre Condouant (g)
Jimmy Woode (b)
Joe Nay (d)
Annie Ross (vo)

“10th West Germany Jazz Festival”, Frankfurt, West Germany, May 1, 1966


Prestige Records PR 7669