Bryan Ferry – A Wasteland / Windswept Live in Hollywood, Florida 2017

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Wasteland / Windswept Live in Hollywood, Florida 2017


  • Bryan Ferry – vocals
  • Chris Spedding – guitar
  • Jacob Quistgaard – guitar
  • Jorja Chalmers – saxophones & keys
  • Luke Bullen – drums
  • Neil Jason – bass
  • Christian Gulino – keys
  • Marina Moore – viola/violin
  • Fonzi Thornton – back vocals
  • Bobbie Gordon – back vocals




Robert Kotter says:

Brayn Ferry, er tourt durch die Welt und das mit fast 72, entweder hat er Bock , oder braucht das Geld(aber trotzdem mein Respekt auf Ferrys Lebensleistung)

Brian Towns says:

Wow! Very good video!

tomasz breś says:

I was at His GIG in CRACOW yesterday's night . COMPLETE SHOW !

MrJasonroy says:

first time I hear
like a love at first sight, but getting better & growing … with each new listening

leonakita says:

This guy should be declared a national treasure in England! This performance by all participants is mature, beautiful and eloquently presented.

xenikoritsi says:

Beautiful, heard you in Montreal, still have that amazing voice, smooth and soothing after all these years! Come back soon… we were swept away….

erlandrocks says:

Beautiful as usual Bryan! Hi Jorje! Nice to see you again. Nice to meet you Quist!

minder47 says:

Just Mind blowing !!
Great to See Jorga Chalmers and her amazing skill still in the team …. she is so brilliant as expected. Whilst our Drummer is quite professional and talented….and with all due respect to his skills…….I do miss Cherisse Osei and her magnificent injection of Joy into a performance. She was a great asset to the Ferry Team!!
Cherise……'The drummer who doesn't find drumming painful – but a JOY ' 🙂

MsCordially says:

Huge fan of Brian, but i think like stevie nicks his voice has gotten too weak

James Allen says:

Going to his show tonight in Kansas City front and center!

Thomas Kamphuis says:

This is good. This should be brought out on DVD, with on the B side a similar murky like DVD of the Mamouna tour. Just a tip. A forcefully shout out tip, though.. This must be captured. Great atmosphere. Important also: the fine delicate voice of the Cool Ruler can be heard upfront and isn't overshadowed by the live sound of he band and backing vocal singers. This is the way!

Valeria Evangelista says:

maravilhoso esse cantor,sou super fã.

Steve Smith says:

I got my tickets for Sunday night. Can't wait to see the old chap rock it again. I'll see you in Cleveland.

Ewa Terlaga says:

uwielbiam <3

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