Bob Baldwin – I Wanna Be Where You Are

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“I Wanna Be Where You Are” (Arthur Ross / Leon Ware).

Album:”Never Can Say Goodbye: A Tribute to Michael Jackson” (2010).



jean-michel Const says:

Super une bonne note

Christian Lagos says:

Awesome !!!!

mark williams says:

wow…wow…wow…wow..I just heard this song today…. wow…I was a little boy in Detroit when I first heard it sung by Micheal Jackson… Sir you are a genius…. Thank you. This has made my day…easier

Kuma in Kana says:


Deborah Swanson says:

Love, love, love . Thank you for such beautiful and joyful music.

Larry OQuinn says:

Smooth Jazz the way it should sound, do your thing Mr. Baldwin!!!

Shirley Lipscomb says:


Jackie C says:

I just discovered this artist today! Love his music.

IM Park says:

Perfection,Love it! Superb…

Frederico Fernandes says:

Absolutamente LINDA

GL AnnapolisTeam says:

Love this tune in all of its many versions !!!

HeavenlyEvents says:

Yes, so sweet.

Raul Martinez says:

My mistake. it was early summer of 72…

Raul Martinez says:

I was driving listening to this tune & remembered the summer of 71. it makes for a great road song/Tune…

Lyubina Lyusi says:

Absolutely ecstasy…

winston goldberg says:

Great sound.
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Colleen Jenkins says:

Nice Track my Bob Baldwin

Gerald Middlebrooks says:

My son asked me to check out Mr. Baldwin, 'cause he said I play somewhat similar.  I am impressed, needless to say.  Had never heard him.  And I agree, I do.  My music is somewhat similar…Wow! what a revelation!  Someone who sounds similar to me…Small world after all!

Gaetano Caponnetto says:

Smooth Jazz, nice music Mr. Baldwin!  🙂

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