Benny Goodman and His Quartet – The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise

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“The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise” (Ernest Seitz).


  • Benny Goodman – clarinet
  • Red Norvo – vibraphone
  • John Markham – drums
  • John Bunch – piano
  • John Mosher – bass

Recorded June 19, 1960


neilx49 says:

That was smokin'!

jason60chev says:

Is this Benny's group with Red as a guest or the other way around? Red was touring and working with a group of his own for several years, even backing SInatra in Australia in 1959.

Perico14ful says:

JAZZ SHOW…..M A R A V I L L O S O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………..

Trek Ryder says:

Benny rocked that solo. Very tight group. Would have loved to hear John Bunch jump in for a solo.

Juan Boucquez says:

Its beautiful to work smiileing…

Evan McElfresh says:

'the world is waiting for a sunrise'=just really tight!

Shelly Alley says:

The great Jimmy Wyble on guitar.

FernandOrtizdeUrbina says:

@clarinettistwalt- They recorded those same duet parts as far back as 1947 (for Capitol, with Mel Powell on piano).

pianopappy says:

D. Russell Connor, in his discography, "Benny Goodman–Listen to His Legacy", lists this performance from an appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show on June 19, 1960. He credits John Markham (not Shelly Manne) as the drummer and John Mosher on bass, in addition to the musicians named in the information section above. Connor also indicates that four other tunes were performed on that program.

vova47 says:

It's not Stan Levey either. But whoever it was he did what he was supposed to.
i detected Jerry Dodgion holding alto in the background.
Thanks for this clip, live Jazz is the best!

divvy1400yam600 says:

The performance is phantasmagorical. The musicians make it look so easy.

The swing just reaches right inside and raises your spirits.

Love it

George Comtois says:

This combo couldn't have been any tighter. Musical magic! Thanks for the post.

j6449663 says:

Well shut my mouth .

Ed McDowell says:

Just kickin!

Shelly Alley says:

Wyble was enjoying himself. He was one of the greatest!

benny goodman says:

The professor of clarinet!!!!!!!!!

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