Battle Trance – Blade of Love I

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One of the keys to understanding what Laplante is trying to do on Blade of Love comes from Laplante himself:
There were certain specific sounds that I imagined being in Blade of Love, but I couldn’t get close enough to them using traditional saxophone tone — sounds like arrows flying through the air, birds singing or flying overhead, bombs, water running, the wind, campfires, singing in church, making love, killing, waves crashing, fighting for your life, thunder, the sound of rage, howling, crying, laughing, the sound of my last breath…So I began working on different ways for the saxophone to get closer to these sounds, and the resulting techniques became part of the fabric of Blade of Love.

(The Free Jazz Collective,


Travis Laplante – composition, tenor saxophone
Patrick Breiner – tenor saxophone
Matt Nelson – tenor saxophone
Jeremy Viner – tenor saxophone

Recorded at the Vandoren Studio in Los Angeles, CA on 01/18/17