Arve Henriksen – Migration

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“Migration” (Arve Henriksen ,Jan Bang).
Album: “Cartography” ,  2008, ECM.
On “Migration”, Henriksen unrolls a gaseous theme that periodically dissipates into the merest pinched tones– minimalism’s pervasive mark is not omitted here. The climactic swells of “Migration” have chafed edges, as if Henriksen’s trumpet had a sore throat. He spits rapidly through the mouthpiece on “Ouija” to create a richly-textured, telegraphic stutter. But he’s a focused, patient player, who miraculously condenses breathtaking themes from this almost-zoological diversity.

Arve Henriksen – trumpet, voice, field recordings
Jan Bang – live sampling, beats programming, dictaphone, organ samples
Erik Honoré – synthesizer, samples, field recordings, choir samples
Eivind Aarset – guitars
Ståle Storløkken – synthesizer, samples
Lars Danielsson – double bass
Audun Kleive – percussion, drums
Vérène Andronikof – vocals
Anna Maria Friman – voice
Trio Mediæval – voice samples
David Sylvian – voice, samples, programming


NMovie-A says:

Who made the video?

mikol58 says:

A sad and lovely vid with great music…

Marat Safin says:

You have to go there to come back…………..

Vince Sangiorgio says:

da brividi……………………great soul .

tearsinrain2 says:

♥ ♥ ♥

TheAuralab says:

..sound bellissimo

spukino says:

uno dei motivi per cui amare la musica.

Retro Walkthroughs says:

Great surrounding sound and loads of nice climate!

gianluca dellolio says:

Great sound ….

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