Allan Holdsworth – Joshua

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“Joshua” (Steve Hunt).

Album: Allan Holdsworth “Secrets”. Secrets is the sixth studio album by guitarist Allan Holdsworth, released in 1989 through Intima Records; a remastered edition was reissued in 2008 through Eidolon Efformation.

Vincent Jeffries at AllMusic gave Secrets a very positive 4.5 stars out of five, calling it “a true masterpiece” and “a triumph”, whilst highlighting Holdsworth’s “unreachable technical standard” and continued development of the SynthAxe.


Allan Holdsworth – guitar, SynthAxe
Steve Hunt – keyboard
Alan Pasqua – piano
Vinnie Colaiuta – drums
Jimmy Johnson – bass


Jim Grodotzki says:

my favorite song in the whole world

Yusef Endure says:

I can't believe his gone. He changed guitar playing forever. Allan Holdsworth, rest in peace.

Virgil R says:

Allan's guitar playing is magnificent and that's putting it lightly!

Fifth Nature says:

Ahhhhhhhh. Im speechlesss.

Mikkel Grum Bovin says:

What a band ! WOOOOUHW

paulo101 says:

A lesson in how to play the drums and shape the music by Vinnie.. don't just give the other musicians a cushion with timekeeping, but do that and be a part of the storytelling.

jim buchens says:

some of the best of Vinnie right here. 

lucancherby says:

I think this is the best music ever created by Holsdworth. 

kundalinipsych says:

… Oh and the guitar was a Steinberger.

kundalinipsych says:

I know it's a boogie 50 caliber from the period. He wasn't stingy in Guitar Player at that time, he laid it out. But I don't know the details now… I just remember the amp.

germanRael says:

Great !!! Thanks.

KevSmithGuitar says:

The most incredible mastery of of a overdriven/distorted guitar ever. Glorious .

JonP1961 says:

Steve Hunt is a great player. Seen him jam locally at a few jazz bars in/around town. Well worth the price of admission, which is usually < a $10 cover O_o

Lars Erik Vestergaard says:

As academic and "cold" Allan can be, this particular track features some of his most intimate and organic soloing. A guitarists guitarist.

Avatar7x7 says:

Anybody have an Idea of how he got that tone- particularly his tremolo/whammy bar stuff in the beginning- when you ask him he won't tell you a thing! – That's the only issue with him versus a guy like Steve Vai who shares everything to further the cause of great guitar playing- Allan gives very little-if anything- stingy bastard!LOL

morten4u says:

I remember a transcription – can't seem to find it online – where the transcriber noted that it did not make sense to try to play this at speed unless you were Allan.
Also, he noted that it did not make sense to state which key the tune is in, since it changes every other bar anyway.
It's amazing that Allan can create such a lovely solo over so advanced chords, and this solo is – along with Devil Take the Hindmost – some of his best work (in my book, that is).

Samsgarden says:

I didn't like it at first. It's grown on me.

Samsgarden says:

Well, maybe Allan sent him the composition and he recorded the drums elsewhere? I'm just trying to think why you made the comment.

Samsgarden says:

To my mind, Holdsworth's use of the whammy bar is consummate.

Samsgarden says:

Really? Do you think it was a distant collaberation?

Moshe Nizri says:

Allan Holdsworth is simply the greatest of all guitar heros ever

Dave-O says:

one of those songs where Allan doesn't let his thick academic rulebook of things he doesn't want to do because he's already done them or someone else has started doing them get in the way of an emotional cathartic sound.

jamesedwardtheobald says:

ethereal and passionate lullabye

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