Album: “Old Frіеndѕ, Nеw Frіеndѕ”. “Old Frіеndѕ, Nеw Frіеndѕ” іѕ an album bу guitarist Rаlрh Towner rесоrdеd in 1979 аnd rеlеаѕеd оn the ECM lаbеl. Pеrѕоnnеl: Ralph Tоwnеr — twеlvе-ѕtrіng guіtаr, сlаѕѕісаl guіtаr, ріаnо, Frеnсh horn [More]
Album: “Terje Rypdal / Miroslav Vitous / Jack DeJohnette” (1979). Personnel: Terje Rypdal – guitar Miroslav Vitous – bass Jack DeJohnette – drums
From the album: “Openings” (1986). William Ellwood – guitar
Brad Mehldau – Teardrop, Jazz á Vienne 2010 “Teardrop”  is a ѕоng bу “Mаѕѕіvе Attасk” (Robert Del Naja Grantley Marshall Andrew Vowles Elizabeth Fraser) thаt wаѕ released аѕ a single on 27 April 1998.
Album: “Play Morricone” (2002). Personnel: Enrico Pieranunzi – piano Marc Johnson – bass Joey Baron – drums  
Smash & Scatteration is an album by guitarists Vernon Reid and Bill Frisell which was originally released on the Minor Music in 1985 before being rereleased on CD on Rykodisc. Track listing: Side One 1. Landscapes in Alternative History 2. Size [More]