Tokyo Adagio is a live album by bassist Charlie Haden and pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba recorded in 2005 at the Blue Note Jazz Club in Tokyo and released on the Impulse! label in 2015 shortly after [More]
Stone Flute is an album by flautist Herbie Mann recorded in 1969 and becoming the first release on Mann’s Embryo label. AllMuѕіс Rеvіеw bу Jim Newsom: Thе 1970 record buyer whо came асrоѕѕ Stоnе Flutе [More]
Track listing: 1 Sliver’d in the Moon’s Eclipse 4:56 2 Moonlight Revels 3:57 3 The Envious Moon 5:24 4 By Moonlight at Her Window Sung 3:42 5 This Lanthorn 3:06 6 Ill Met by Moonlight [More]
Personnel: Tord Gustavsen – piano Tore Brunborg – saxophone Mats Eilertsen – bass Jarle Vespestad – drums __________________ Recorded live in Ravello (Italy), 22.8.2013
Wild Man Dance is a live album by jazz saxophonist Charles Lloyd, recorded in 2013 and released on the Blue Note Records label in April 2015. AllMusic Rеvіеw bу Thоm Jurek: Wіld Mаn Dаnсе marks [More]
Track listng: 1 How Deep Is The Ocean 6:27 2 The Tree 5:36 3 Hope 5:26 4 Live, Be Where You Are 6:12 5 Why Was I Left Under The Sky 6:01 6 Living Under [More]
New Life is an album by drummer Antonio Sánchez which was released on the CAM Jazz label in 2013. Drummer/vocalist Antonio Sanchez’s third solo album is a forward-thinking collection of jazz originals that features an [More]
Small World is an album by Hungarian guitarist Gábor Szabó featuring performances recorded in Stockholm in 1972 and released on the Swedish Four Leaf Clover label. AllMusic Review by Thоm Jurek: Rеlеаѕеd іn 1972 оn [More]
Track listing: 1. 00:00:00 Moods for Ragnhild 2. 00:07:01  Beatrice 3. 00:14:24  Oh, Lady be good 4. 00:21:39  Magpie´s nest 5. 00:28:31  Born to be blue 6. 00:34:48 Drops of dew 7. 00:39:53 Winter gateway [More]
Overtime is an album by the Dave Holland Big Band that won the Grammy Award for Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album in 2005. Recorded in 2002, the music centers on the four-movement “Monterey Suite”, a [More]