“Although it is never clear what “shango” is, this set by guitarist Charlie Hunter’s quartet is quite accessible and enjoyable. Marketed as some type of new alternative jazz, the music in reality is bop-based and [More]
Cosmopolita – Cosmopolita (2017). Track listing: Personnel: Zé Ruivo – keyboards Dani Andreotti – guitar Gustavo Sato – bass Bruno Tessele – drums
Word of Mouth is the second album by Jaco Pastorius, released in 1981 while he was a member of Weather Report, and also the name of a big band that Pastorius assembled and with whom [More]
Night Passage is the eleventh album by Weather Report, released in 1980. The tracks were recorded in August 1980 at The Complex studios in Los Angeles (before a crowd of 250 people who can be [More]
Mint Jams is the seventh and the second live album by Casiopea, released on May 12, 1982. Track listing: All music composed by Issei Noro. Side A No. Title Length 1. “Take Me” 4:51 2. [More]
Tracklist: 01. The Lords Prayer 02. Goodbye 03. West Coast 04. My Mama Told Me So 05. Friday Night Shuffle 06. Oui Oui Si 07. March of the Jazz Angels 08. Minute by Minute 09. [More]
Return to Forever is a jazz fusion album by Chick Corea, simultaneously functioning as the debut album by the band of the same name. Unlike later albums by the group, it was released by the [More]
“Joshua” (Steve Hunt). Album: Allan Holdsworth “Secrets”. Secrets is the sixth studio album by guitarist Allan Holdsworth, released in 1989 through Intima Records; a remastered edition was reissued in 2008 through Eidolon Efformation. Vincent Jeffries at AllMusic [More]
On the Corner is a studio album by American jazz trumpeter, composer, and bandleader Miles Davis. It was recorded in June and July 1972, and released later that year by Columbia Records. The album continued [More]
The Jean-Luc Ponty Experience with The George Duke Trio is a jazz album released in 1969 by Jean-Luc Ponty on World Pacific Jazz in the US, and is considered to be one of the earliest [More]