Album: “Bria”  (September 23, 2016) Bria Skonberg – vocals, trumpet
When Sunny Gets Blue (Jack Segal) Album: “When Sunny Gets Blue” (October 11, 2016) Jan Daley – vocals “Sо excited to ѕhаrе this Video оf my Sіnglе аnd EP еntіtlеd “Whеn Sunny Gets Bluе.” I [More]
“Take Me To The Alley” (Gregory Porter) Album: “Take Me to the Alley” “Take Me to the Alley” is the fourth studio album by Gregory Porter. It was released on May 6, 2016 through Blue Note [More]
“All of Me” is a popular song and jazz standard written by Gerald Marks and Seymour Simons in 1931. Billie Holiday – vocals Lester Young – tenor saxophone
“After You’ve Gone” is a 1918 popular song composed by Turner Layton, with lyrics written by Henry Creamer. It was recorded by Marion Harris on July 22, 1918 and released on Victor 18509. Marion Harris [More]
“Yesterday When I Was Young” (Vannier, Mercer, Gerard) Album: “Mel Tormé ‎– Plays It Cool”, 2004 Chris Gunning – conductor Mel Tormé – vocals
Personnel: Helen Humes – vocals Dexter Gordon – tenor saxophone Freddie Simon – baritone saxophone Vernon Smith – trumpet Ernie Freeman – piano Red Callender – bass J.C. Heard – drums
May 2016 , The Edric Theatre, London. Lindsey Webster – vocals