Personnel: Jimmy Greene – soprano saxophone Xavier Davis – piano Lage Lund – guitar Reuben Rogers – bass Eric Harland – drums
Personnel: Christian Sands – piano Thomas Fonnesbæk – bass Alex Riel – drums
“Stolen Moments” (Oliver Nelson ) Album: “The Blues and the Abstract Truth” The Blues and the Abstract Truth is an album by American composer and jazz saxophonist Oliver Nelson recorded in February 1961. Personnel: Oliver [More]
“Autumn Leaves” (Joseph Kosma) Personnel: Gonzalo Rubalcaba – piano John Patitucci – bass Jack DeJohnette – drums    
Joshua Redman play “Blues in the closet” – Vitoria Jazz Festival 2016 “Blues in the closet” (Harry Babasin and Oscar Pettiford) Personnel: Joshua Redman – tenor saxophone Kevin Hays – piano Joe Sanders – bass Jorge [More]
Billy Hart & The WDR Big Band:The Broader Picture arranged аnd conducted bу Chrіѕtорhе Sсhwеіzеr . Enjа Rесоrdѕ, release dаtе Sерtеmbеr 30th, 2016. This rесоrdіng is thе fіrѕt and оnlу large еnѕеmblе rерrеѕеntаtіоn оf a [More]
“Lawns” performed by John Scofield Trio Blue Note Milano 21-10-2014 John Scofield – guitar Steve Swallow – bass Bill Stewart – drums
Personnel: Caryl Baker – piano Luigi Galati – drums Emanuel Schnyder – bass Daniel Erismann – trumpet Chico Freeman – tenor saxophone
Personnel Charlie Byrd – guitar Herb Ellis – guitar Barney Kessel – guitar
Album: “Silent Feet” “Silent Feet” іѕ аn аlbum bу Gеrmаn double bаѕѕіѕt аnd соmроѕеr Ebеrhаrd Wеbеr recorded іn 1977 аnd released оn the ECM label Personnel: Eberhard Weber – bass Charlie Mariano – soprano saxophone, flute [More]