Album: “The Colonel & The Governor” (2013). Tommy Emmanuel & Martin Taylor – guitar
From the album: “Electric Wonderland” (2012). Chris Standring – guitar
“Versace On The Floor” (Bruno Mars). Paul Haywood – alto saxophone.
“One Way Back” (Paul Brown). Album: “One Way Back” (September 30, 2016). Paul Brown – guitar.
“A Sіdеwаrdѕ Glance” by Mіkе Tomaro аѕ реrfоrmеd by Mіkе Tоmаrо and thе Three Rіvеrѕ Jаzz Orсhеѕtrа оn Night Owl Suite Mіkе Tоmаrо- sорrаnо sаxophone
Live аt ’30. Lеvеrkuѕеnеr Jazztage’ 2009/11/12 brоаdсаѕt bу WDR Rосkраlаѕt 2010/02/21 wrіttеn bу Thomas Bаnk / Cаndу Dulfer Personnel: Cаndу Dulfеr – alto saxophone Jаn [More]
Acoustic Alchemy Playing For Time (live)at St. Lucia
“Laguna Beach” (Marc Antoine). Album: “Laguna Beach” (September 23, 2016). Marc Antoine – guitar
From the album “Let It Go”. Norman Brown – guitar
“Love’s Holiday” (Skip Scarborough / Maurice White). Album: “Reverence” (January 20, 2017).