Kilimanjaro is the second album by the American Jazz group The Rippingtons, released in 1988 for Passport Jazz Records, and later reissued under the GRP [More]
Rise is a 1979 album by Herb Alpert. The album peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Jazz Albums chart and at No. 6 on [More]
Feels So Good is a 1977 jazz album released by Chuck Mangione. Track listing: All selections written by Chuck Mangione. “Feels So Good” – 9:42 [More]
Morning Dance is the second album by the jazz fusion group Spyro Gyra. The album was released in March 9, 1979 and was certified gold [More]
Breezin’ is the fifteenth studio album by jazz/soul guitarist and vocalist George Benson. It is his debut on Warner Bros. Records. It not only was [More]
“The unparalleled art form of jazz is best defined by the musical legacies of its master artists. But a small handful of smooth jazz guitarists, [More]
Track listing: 1. Mission MacGyver 0:00 2. Another Summer 5:39 3. Lighthouse In The Rockies 10:54 4. The Irrational Season 16:55 5. My Promise 23:00 [More]
“Crisp production, breezy melodies, and upbeat rhythms are the ingredients that should please fans of these longtime smooth jazz favorites.” – Sean Westergaard/AllMusic. Track listing: [More]
The Other Side of Abbey Road is a 1970 studio album by American guitarist George Benson of songs from the Beatles’ 1969 album Abbey Road. [More]
Sleeping Gypsy is a jazz vocal album by Michael Franks, released in 1977 with Warner Bros. Records. Allmusic awarded the album four stars and reviewer [More]