Premiered Apr 30, 2022 “Last Verse”, composed by Joel Lyssarides from the ACT album “Stay Now“. Personnel: Joel Lyssarides – piano Niklas Fernqvist – bass Rasmus Blixt – drums ____________________________________ Recorded by Linn Fijal live [More]
Five Dice (Leonhard Kuhn) from the album: Emergenz, ACT Music Release: May 27, 2022 Jazzrausch Bigband directed and produced by Roman Sladek composed and arranged by Leonhard Kuhn Recorded by Josy Friebel from May to [More]
“With Tarantella (ACT, 2009)—his last studio recording excluding the career-spanning Signature Edition 3 (ACT, 2010) compilation— Lars Danielsson raised the bar on a string of recordings demonstrating increased evolution on all fronts. If Liberetto doesn’t [More]