Lights Out! is a studio album by saxophonist Jackie McLean, his debut on Prestige Records. “Altoist Jackie McLean’s second session as a leader is reissued [More]
Informal Jazz is an album by Elmo Hope, released in 1956 on Prestige Records. It has been reissued in 1969 as Two Tenors under the [More]
Meditations (also released as Elmo Hope Memorial Album) is an album by American jazz pianist Elmo Hope recorded in 1955 for the Prestige label. AllMuѕіс [More]
The Fox is a 1960 album by Harold Land, originally released on the Hifijazz label and reissued by Contemporary in 1969 and on CD by [More]
Homecoming! is an album by jazz pianist Elmo Hope recorded in 1961 for the Riverside label. AllMusic Review by Brandon Burke: Homecoming! is a particularly [More]
“Avalon” (Al Jolson, Buddy DeSylva, Vincent Rose). Album: “Informal Jazz “. Infоrmаl Jаzz іѕ аn аlbum bу jazz muѕісіаn Elmо Hоре, rеlеаѕеd іn 1956 on Prestige [More]
Album: “Moving Out” Moving Out is an album by jazz saxophonist Sonny Rollins, his second for the Prestige label, featuring performances by Rollins with Kenny [More]
Elmo Hope Trio – Crazy (Race for Space) (1961) Personnel: Elmo Hope – piano Butch Warren – bass Granville T. Hogan – drums _________________________________ from [More]