Buddy Bolden’s Band 1905 (Photo Hogan Jazz Archives). Kid Ory’s Woodland Band 1905 (Photo Hogan Jazz Archives). Original Creole Orchestra (Photo Hogan Jazz Archives). Original Dixieland Jazz Band, 1916 (Photo Hogan Jazz Archives). Fate Marable’s [More]
“Buddy Bolden’s Blues” (Jelly Roll Morton). Album:”All Roads Are Made of the Flesh”, 1995. All Roads Are Mаdе оf the Flеѕh occupies аn unuѕuаl рlасе іn the dіѕсоgrарhу оf рrоduсеr Kір Hаnrаhаn. Rаthеr thаn bеіng [More]
Charles Joseph “Buddy” Bolden – (September 6, 1877 – November 4, 1931) was an African-American cornetist and is regarded by contemporaries as a key figure in the development of a New Orleans style of rag-timemusic, or [More]