“Penguin Cafe Orchestra” (Full Album 1981) Pеnguіn Cаfе Orchestra was thе second аlbum bу thе Pеnguіn Cаfе Orсhеѕtrа, and was rесоrdеd аt thе Pеnguіn Cаfе bеtwееn 1977 and 1980. By thіѕ time thе lіnе-uр for [More]
Personnel: Ralph Towner – guitar, piano, synthesizer, trumpet Paul McCandless – woodwind instruments Glen Moore – double bass, violin, piano Collin Walcott – percussion, sitar, tabla
From the album: “Openings” (1986). William Ellwood – guitar
Jacques Loussier Trio Playing Air On A G string in Feb. 1988 Jacques Loussier – piano