Sidney Bechet – Egyptian Fantasy

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Egyptian Fantasy (Sidney Bechet).


  • Sidney Bechet – clarinet
  • Henry ‘Red’ Allen – trumpet
  • J.C. Higginbotham – trombone
  • James Tolliver – piano
  • Wellman Braud – bass
  • J.C. Heard – drums

Recoded January 8, 1941, New York.



mimi rob says:

un voyage dans le temps une merveille

Kristina Ilić says:


Singo Koori says:


dega723 says:

wow ! and say i didn't know this one ! missed it for all these years !

Norisuke Gamer says:


Jean Lemenicier says:

Sidney is the best, the most important jazzman, better of a litlle i don’t know tan The great Satch. I have a lot of his records, and never spend a month without not hearing him.What i prefer is him playing the clarinet. Anyway in France he began another life with French musicians, in the 50 years with moreover claude luter, and before with André Reweliotty. One of my regrets is that i have never meet him.
Anyway, buy and listen alla the recirds you can afford.

Merry christmas

Rouroud ayari says:

I can imagine Mohamed abelwaheb singing to this

Richard Taylor says:

Great stuff

yacir Rahouti says:

As great as petite fleur , thx 4 sharing .

joel petrass says:

what key is this in?

ttp ed says:

酒場という聖地に酒を求め肴を求め彷徨う。 吉田類の酒場放浪記

heribert von stomp says:

Great performance. Thank you. With kind regards, OK-Dreamband.

Hideo Matsuzaki says:

吉田 類と呑みた〜い

junk rider says:

1人で放浪したくなる(* ̄∇ ̄)ノ

rootsguitar1 says:

original cool!

Istvan Solihull says:

a REAL all star band. i been reading his autobiograph 'treat it gentle'. What a life

Maceo Leon Thomas says:

Today is the birthday of the great Sidney Bechet.  Born in New Orleans, Louisiana on May 14, 1897.  He was born into a musical family.  His father Omar in addition to being a shoe maker, played the flute.  All of his older brothers also played instruments.  His brother Leonard gave him his very first instrument, a clarinet, when Sidney was sis or seven.  He was a child genius!  He was soooo good, that he taught futuer jazz great Johnny Noone to play the clarinet.

For s short time he played with the great Duke Ellington's first band, "The Washingtonians."  He also played, on several occassions, along side fellow native born legend the great Louis Armstong.  One of the best recordings of these two giants playing together is on the great Alberta Hunter's recording "Early Everymorning."  It is off the charts!  All three of them absolutely shine!

Happy Birthday Sidney Bechet!


dick12235 says:

Back for this  wonderful Treat.   Thanks.

gian paolo Puglisi says:

This is jazz history !

Musictoskate says:

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TBEJR4 says:


Muziekgenot says:

Dream 'bout an Egypt that never existed in reality. Who cares? Lovely piece of jazz music

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