Louis Armstrong – I Surrender Dear

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“I Surrender Dear” is a song composed by Harry Barris with lyrics by Gordon Clifford. It was first performed by Bing Crosby and became his first solo hit. It has been covered by a large number of artists, making it a jazz and pop standard. The first jazz vocalist to record the song was Louis Armstrong in 1931 (Wikipedia).


  • Louis Armstrong – trumpet, vocals
  • Barney Bigard – clarinet
  • Jack Teagarden – trombone
  • Earle Hines – piano
  • Aruell Shaw – bass
  • Cozy Cole – drums




Robert Duis says:

Per Birgir Seehusen > Completely agree with YOU!
Please refrain from "double tempo" in this beautiful melody.

IrenaMV says:

Maybe not the rape, but definitely disservice to Louis….and all fans of this musical gem…

David Hetherington says:

This is obviously a concert showpiece for Barney Bigard….very good clarinet player, but fairly empty jazzwise…Louis can virtually do no wrong.

phunkeepreachaman says:

@ Per Birger Seehusen. I agree that this is a beautiful piece. However, I must say that to describe THIS wonderful, albeit "different" rendition, "rape" is quite harsh. I have heard several renditions, but this particular rendition by Louis (as he does have others) is by far one of the best Ive heard…daring to say one of my favorites.

Per Birger Seehusen says:

Barney Bigard on clarinet. Love Louis Armstrong, BUT: Playing this beatiful piece in a "jazzy" double tempo is nothing less than rape of this wonderful composition. What a shame.

G Marantz says:

100% positive. Used to unknowingly go and watch him play with the Disneyland Main Street Band. Walt Disney only hired the best and when he wasn't travelling with Mr. Armstrong he was a highly sotafter studio musician. I LOVE that long last note, absolute talent.

Didier Viquesnel says:

Et Barney dans l'histoire il fait de la figuration…? Comment fait-il pour la derniere note?

Joseph Jordan says:

No one can compete with Satch, not then, now, or ever.

Nuova Canaria Records says:

at 99% he should be Barney Bigard …beautiful clarinet, amazing combo 🙂

WyoAlly says:

I wish I knew who the clarinet player in this combo is. . . Wow!!

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