Frankie Trumbauer Orchestra – Honeysuckle Rose

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“Honeysuckle Rose” is a 1929 song composed by Fats Waller with lyrics by Andy Razaf. It was introduced in the 1929 Off-Broadway revue “Load of Coal” at Connie’s Inn as a soft-shoe dance number. Waller’s 1934 recording was inducted in the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999.

Frankie Trumbauer Orchestra – Honeysuckle Rose (1931)


Raef Black says:

cant hide those curly locks from family

Bob Saturday says:

musicians seek the harmonies of life
wow ! that was livin !

Ariel Cohen says:

He was Lester Young's major influence…according to Lester….

JazzWithoutANet says:

His birth name is Orie Frank Trumbauer. The horn had rare "Vibratone" reeds along with the Guy Humphries reeds and box with the initials. I ran out of leads so I sold it to a nice lady in California who wanted it for her 80 something dad. I hope she can find more history than I did. I never heard back from "History Detectives" and a week after I sold it, I got and invitation to "Antiques Roadshow" who will be in the Baltimore/DC area soon. Oh well, would have been a nice discovery.

JazzWithoutANet says:

I bought a C Melody Buescher True Tone on Ebay. It was found in a barn near Carbondale, IL, Tram's birthplace. It has a "Guy Humphries" reed box with the initials "O F T" written on the back. I'm investigating….

Barry I. Grauman says:

Recorded in Chicago on June 24, 1931; the lead vocalist is Art Jarrett (formerly of Ted Weems' orchestra, later a bandleader himself). Bill Rank and Matty Malneck {and future orchestra leader David Rose on piano} are in the group as well…this was Trumbauer's last recording for 1931- he wouldn't lead a group on record again until April 1932 [the celebrated 12 inch Columbia medley sides, with young Johnny Mercer as a vocalist].

everybodylovesmybaby says:

Edmundus: Any notion who's doing the vocals?

John Feaster says:

This is one of my favorite songs, and my favorite version of THIS song. So mellow and fine…

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