Charles Lloyd & The Marvels with Bill Frisell – 2016.01.30 set 1 – Lincoln Center

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Charles Lloyd & The Marvels featuring Bill Frisell
2016-01-30 – set 1
Lincoln Center, New York, NY


01:47 – Intros. Including great intro by (Charles Lloyd)
04:13 – Masters Of War ( Bob Dylan)
14:07 – Of Course, Of Course (Charles Lloyd) – 1965
23:39 – Shenandoah
33:42 – La Llorona (Mexican folk song)
47:56 – In My Room (Beach Boys)
57:51 – Island Blues (Charles Lloyd) – 1965
1:09:59 – Abide With Me ( William Henry Monk) (1861)


Charles Lloyd – saxophone, fluite
Bill Frisell – electric guitar
Greg Leisz – steel guitar
Reuben Rogers – bass
Eric Harland – drums


YouzTube99 says:

Charles Lloyd, still making vital, multidimensional music over 60 years on.

Beautiful sounds in a wonderful setting! Thank you for posting!

Fred Simon says:

Wow! Double wow!

picnicatlicklerock says:

sappy, bloodless, boring. further proof that being a great musician has nothing to do with making substantial music. lloyd's best work was over by 1966.

Ramahita says:

Dieu merci nous vous avoir donnés,quelle merveille…

Catherine L. Johnson says:


Charles, you call/ whisper OUT the luminous divinity + celestial GRACE from the musicians.

We, the listeners, are drunk/ astonished on what you create and offer: the SACRED SUBLIME! ALWAYS the sacrd sublime.

Thank YOU, Charles, always and ALL ways THANK YOU!

xoxo Catherine

Nick Ainteb says:

Thank you so much for posting this! FANTASTIC!!!

Igor V Kuznetsov says:

is it the way to musturbate on the sameness of the chords ?

Igor V Kuznetsov says:

american way to have some fun – the same chords – you could play this BS for the rest of your life 🙂

Serge Andre says:

magnifique! mais qui a dit que Charles avait perdu de son vibrato?

Michael Harmon says:

In the middle of La Llorona I started thinking of Charlie Haden and his influence on Jazz, bringing folk themes and Latin influences. Tremendous performances.

Ougen Ven says:

Its great….i lookin for it all my life…

contactkeithstack says:

wish I could play my guitar as in tune as any of these guys.
They are sonorous!

Ash Varma says:

This looks like a pro video. Does anyone know if it's available to purchase anywhere? Was this shown on a TV channel in US?

Ash Varma says:

Awesome concert. Many thanks for posting. Hope they release it on CD/DVD some day.

Muzo5628 STEIN says:

DOES CHARLES LLOYD EVER DO A BAD GIG OR RECORDING?! I suspect the saxist wouldn't begin to know how to. He's always been graced with the cream of musicians. BUT, IT'S THE 'X FACTOR' OR 'JE NE SAIS QUIO' in his great music that keeps the listener both engaged and enthralled – in equal measures for me! Thanks Mr Adams for wonderful upload.

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