Benny Goodman Sextet – Rose Room (1939)

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“Rose Room”, also known as “In Sunny Roseland”, is a 1917 jazz standard, music by Art Hickman, lyrics by Harry Williams. It is almost always performed as an instrumental. Composed at a time when the popularity of ragtime was fading in favor of thirty-two-bar form and twelve-bar blues songs, the song has been called “definitely ahead of its time” by composer Alec Wilder. Indeed, while popular in the late 1910s and early 1920s, the song enjoyed its biggest popularity during the swing era. The song was named after the Rose Room in St. Francis Hotel, where Hickman was playing at the time (Wikipedia).

“Rose Room” was one of the first studio tunes recorded 2 October 1939 by guitarist Charlie Christian after he joined the Benny Goodman Sextet.


  • Benny Goodman – clarinet
  • Charlie Christian – guitar
  • Fletcher Henderson – piano
  • Lionel Hampton – vibraphone
  • Artie Bernstein – bass
  • Nick Fatool – drums




guitarsurfer2010 says:

I read that this tune, " Rose Room" was the inspiration for Ellington's " In A Mellow Tone"

BGJ says:

Fantastic post, killer pics, excellent audio, :~}

pianopappy says:

Didn't know that many photos of the original BG Sextet existed — thanks.

Walker Stevenson says:

I'm struck by Goodman's incredible tone/inflection. Lost on many young players today is mastering a beautiful tone. Christian sounds great too. For guitarists, it's like skipping David Gilmour (or Charlie Christian) and going straight to Shred Metal/Jazz Fusion. You should make sure you can play something emotive/evocative before you shred 32nd notes.

David mas says:

Thanks for the Charlie Christian with Goodman!

Jim Allen says:

Just wondering why Bernstein's and Fatool's names are listed in smaller font?

charles miller says:

Charlie Christian was full grown right from the start, he pushed BENNY to change his style a bit, the records with Charlie are BENNY'S Best..

Michael Hughes says:

Very nicely done slideshow to accompany the great music. Also, I enjoyed reading the historical notes.

mtibberon says:

7/29/16 Happy 100th birthday Charlie!
Nicely done photo montage!
I taught myself his solo from this record, except for the lick at 1:28 …couldn't figure that out. He was a creative genius and I listened to anything I could find of his.
"Swing to Bop" was amazing.

jahlaune X says:

Brings a tear to my eye it's so beautiful

Rishi Desai says:

I came here cuz this is the title screen song for a 10 episode jazz series

sneddley says:

I really enjoyed your finely done sync of slide show with terrific music.


Did he use a pick ?

David Reidenberg says:

Now go listen to Artie Shaw's version and decide who played that instrument better. Not an easy choice

Hannibal953able says:

Does anyone know where I can find the bass tab to this track?

Vinnie M says:

13 thumbs down, you tone deaf idiots. When you are on this planet more than 15 minutes, try again.

nicolas olmos olmos says:

those that don't like this outstanding music, are lovers of shit music like reggaeton

MrSickravage says:

fallout soundtrack LOL!!!

charles miller says:

Charlie Christian made Benny Goodman play better than ever, he was the most iimportant musician ever to work with Benny

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